Shy Dogs

There are different kinds of shy. Some dogs are afraid of new people—or categories of people, like men or children. Some dogs are afraid of meeting people for the first time, but warm up eventually. Other dogs are afraid of new … read more >

Dog Meets Dog

To successfully introduce a new dog into your household, plan ahead and be patient. Don’t assume the dogs will instantly like each other or, if they don’t, that they will work things out themselves. If your dogs get off on the … read more >

Physical & Mental Exercise

Mom, I’m bored. Dogs are a lot like children. If you don’t give them something fun to do, they will make their own fun—and often not in ways you approve of. Give your dog plenty of physical and mental exercise, and … read more >

Selecting a Dog

Looks aren’t everything. More often than not, we choose which dog to get based on appearance—whichever breed or size or color appeals to us. I may have wanted a Jack Russell terrier ever since I fell in love with Eddie on … read more >

Shopping List – New Puppy or Dog

Toys to chase Kong Air Dog Chuckit! Jr. Ball Launcher Katie’s Bumpers Soft Bite Floppy Disk Interactive toys Kibble Nibble by Premier Twist ‘n Treat by Premier Kong Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Chews that last a long time Deer antlers Bully … read more >

Starting Out Right


Before bringing home your dog. Must-have supplies/shopping list. Food: Everyday meals. Chews. Equipment: Long and short leash. A flat collar for home, head halter or anti-pull harness for walking. ID tags. In-home management: Crate. X-pen or baby gate. Kong and treat … read more >


Lurcher pup

What is it? Socialization is the developmental process whereby puppies and adolescent dogs familiarize themselves with their constantly changing surroundings. It is how they work out what is safe and good as opposed to what is dangerous and not-so-good. Anything you … read more >

How Dogs Learn


1. Dogs learn by association (by emotional response). Human example: We humans learn by association, too. When you meet someone for the first time you come away with an association—positive, negative, or neutral. If you really enjoyed the interaction, you are … read more >

Nothing For Free

Labrador puppy

What is it? A training strategy that uses everyday situations to reward good manners and practice obedience without setting aside hours of special practice time. Applying the principle of Nothing For Free is simple. Whatever your dog wants, he has to … read more >

Clicker Training

What is clicker training? Clicker training means using a sound (a click) to communicate with your dog. Clickers have been in use for more than forty years. The method is best known from the world of marine animal training where people … read more >