Puppy Training

Shopping List – New Puppy or Dog

Toys to chase Kong Air Dog Chuckit! Jr. Ball Launcher Katie’s Bumpers Soft Bite Floppy Disk Interactive toys Kibble Nibble by Premier Twist ‘n Treat by Premier Kong Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Chews that last a long time Deer antlers Bully … read more >

Starting Out Right


Before bringing home your dog. Must-have supplies/shopping list. Food: Everyday meals. Chews. Equipment: Long and short leash. A flat collar for home, head halter or anti-pull harness for walking. ID tags. In-home management: Crate. X-pen or baby gate. Kong and treat … read more >


Lurcher pup

What is it? Socialization is the developmental process whereby puppies and adolescent dogs familiarize themselves with their constantly changing surroundings. It is how they work out what is safe and good as opposed to what is dangerous and not-so-good. Anything you … read more >